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FC Midtjylland FC Midtjylland

In FC Midtjylland we take pride in being on the cutting edge when it comes to our work with the players in the team. We have a huge coaching staff working with the team, and we are always trying to improve both on and off the field. In relation to this, we are very excited about our newfound cooperation with ART Europe.

Like the coaching staff around the team, the medical staff are always trying to improve their skills, and are always open to different approaches to the treatment and prevention of injury. With this new cooperation with ART, we feel that we are now able to take our treatment of musculoskeletal disorders to a new level. It is our expectation that the active release technique can provide the medical staff with some new and very relevant skills that can keep our fit players on the field and reduce the recovery time for injured players.

FC Midtjylland is very pleased to have been chosen as the setting of ART education in Denmark, and are looking forward to a long term cooperation with ART Europe.

Nicklas Falkesgaard
FC Midtjylland

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