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Diagnosis Courses

The Diagnosis Course/Active Palpation Techniques course consists of 92 protocols. The diagnosis course consists of an SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) portion taught by Dr. Greg Rose. The Active Palpation Techniques course is 21 hours, and does not have an SFMA portion.

Registration for this course includes a personalized 200 page bound study manual, 1 instructional DVD, and an SFMA manual for those taking the . Please allow 3-6 business days for shipment.

What can you expect at a diagnosis course?

This is a new method of quickly, effectively and accurately diagnosing isolating soft tissue pathology in asymptomatic and symptomatic presentations.

This is a new course designed to show how Dr. Leahy accurately palpates (and subsequently fixes) soft tissue structures. We will isolate as many muscles and nerves as possible, after which we will move the adjacent structure in order to accurately identify each specific muscle and nerve. Any altered relative motion between structures should be evident during these procedures.

The goal of this course will be to develop the skills necessary to accurately palpate and identify structures as well as their motion.

Who can take a diagnosis or Active Palpation Techniques course?

In order to participate in an Active Release Technique Soft-Tissue Management training course, you must be a licensed health care professional with soft-tissue malpractice insurance. In other words, you must be licensed/certified to perform soft tissue treatment on patients/clients.

Providers taking the diagnosis course with SFMA must be full body certified. The standalone course is open to any qualified practitioners, regardless of whether or not they have already taken an ART course.

Some areas of certifications include chiropractors, medical and osteopathic doctors, physical and occupational therapists and assistants, physiotherapists, massage therapists, certified athletic trainers, and students studying towards any of these certifications with proof of enrollment. Please call 888.396.2727 if you have a question in regards to certifications not listed.

Who needs these courses?

Courses are for practitioners who treat or manage soft-tissue injuries and conditions. Each participant should have an advanced understanding of anatomy.

There is immediate clinical application for chiropractors, physicians, osteopaths, massage therapists, physical and occupational therapists, and certified athletic trainers.

Active Palpation Technique Course Schedule: